Job Summary

The environmental manager will be the guarantor of proper implementation of the environmental & social approach by contractors in the development phase.

The environmental manager shall appoint an environmental & social representative within his team, who will interface between the organization & the contractors’ environmental & social managers and will provide the organization with:

a. The implementation of its communication plan with the contractors environmental & social managers

b. Promoting environmental & social issues to local stakeholders that are affected

c. Leading and monitoring from the site preparation phase by:

Updating the environmental & social master plan for the implementation phase

Validating environmental & social documents issued by contractors

Setting up meetings with environmental & social managers designated by the contractors and conducting site visits to the project hotspots

Drawing up site rules applicable to the entire project and its stakeholders

Checking the implementation of commitments, resources and tools provided by the contractors

d. During the construction phase:

By site visits and audits to verify compliance of the implemented provisions with the regulations and specifications

Coordinating between all contractors on environmental & social matters. The environmental manager may issue summons to contractors in the case of poor performance of the site and non-compliance with regulations

Organizing regular environmental & social meetings with the contractors’ managers to monitor their dashboard and reporting. To be sent monthly and the effective implementation of actions (for them and their subcontractors and suppliers

e. On completion provide an environmental record of the project which shall be forwarded to the organization


15 years of experience in same field including 5 years in railway and metro projects