The PMO Risk Manager is responsible for ensuring that the risk management process is implemented effectively and consistently across the PMO organisation. The risk management process will apply to all PMO undertakings. These undertakings are primarily to support execution of construction projects, but also include PMO / PMC operations and strategic analysis or options appraisal to support Client decision making.

The role will involve establishing, updating and monitoring the risk management systems to be employed by the business. This will include development of risk management procedures and plans which address: risk types; risk impact / likelihood scales for assessing risks; risk tolerance criteria; how risks will be escalated for higher management attention and decision-making; and populating, reviewing and commenting on the content of risk registers.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain PMO RM policies, Processes & Procedures and ensure integration & alignment between the Programs, Projects, PMO and PMC risk management practices.
  • Coordinate and oversee the implementation of the risk management processes across all PMO/PMC undertakings and monitor implementation effectiveness.
  • Review all the Programs & Projects risks identified and ensure all material risks at the project level are properly consolidated or aggregated at the Program level, and escalated to the Professional Excellence Director.
  • Support the implementation of any new/updated procedures issued by Professional Excellence that fall under the scope of work of the RM Section.
  • Provide risk workshop facilitation support to any part of the business according to business need / request.
  • Support or facilitate the development of risk management intervention strategies and associated risk treatment plans with risk owners at the programs level.
  • Work with PMCs to evaluate the effectiveness of the Contractor’s risk treatment plans.
  • Identify risk management training needs for key Client personnel, PMO Directors, Program Managers, Project Managers and key PMC personnel.
  • Develop and deliver risk management training and risk management awareness raising to the Client, PMO, PMC staff as appropriate.
  • Provide direction according to that provided by the Director of Professional Excellence, and lead the PMO / PMC risk management teams.
  • Provide coaching services to support the development of PMO and PMC staff.
  • Support development of Saudi nationals in the PMO & PMCs in accordance with the Saudization objectives for the RM Section as per PMO Master Plan and company policy.

Job Requirements

  • (Required) Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a numerate discipline (e.g. mathematics, physics)
  • (Required) 15 years of experience, preferably with middle eastern experience
  • (Highly desirable) Certification in Risk Management from a well renowned international body (i.e. PMI, IRM, OCEG)
  • (Highly desirable) English/Arabic written and verbal language skills
  • (Desirable) Experience in application of quantitative cost and schedule risk assessment tools.