Education or qualifications required

  • 1- Bachelor Degree in Engineering/ Surveyor Engineer/ Civil Engineer


Min 8 years of experience in similar position.

Additional Function:

  • 1- Good knowledge of Public, Health & Safety Rules on-Site
  • 2- Good experience in GPS systems
  • 3- Good experience in Land surveying equipment and tools (e.g. surveying rods, etc)

Job description:

  • Provides technical support and software / hardware troubleshooting to survey personnel.
  • Maintains all survey related records of the project.
  • Ensure the accuracy of measurements and calculations included in survey data prior to its utilization.
  • Calculate and maintain all applicable characteristics of terrain, sketches, maps and reports .
  • Supervise the completion of all data, charts, plots, maps, records, and documents related to land surveys.
  • Review all applicable drawings and maps to confirm their accuracy.
  • Develop descriptions of property boundary surveys in order to utilize them in performance reports, leases, or other legal documents.
  • Input and analyze geodetic measurements and survey data for determining positions and elevations of geomorphic and topographic features.
  • Confirm longitudes and latitudes measurements of applicable features and boundaries in the relevant areas through the use of satellite-based global positioning systems (GPS) and other equipment as and when required).
  • Record all survey calculations including figures, contours, positions, and scope of the land surveyed.