. Responsible for establishing, implementing, and maintaining the processes on site level, related to the Project Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard
. Monitor the implementation of this Project Quality Plan through document reconciliation and discussion with the site management team.
- Supervise, Inspect and approve all the Quality activities of the Project to be reviewed and commented by THE CONTRACTOR.
- Attend the periodic meetings.
- Monitor, evaluate and improve the performance of QA/QC team.
- Prepare the weekly and monthly QA/QC reports.
- Identify Quality Training needs and prepare material for Quality Induction and Training to be performed at site level.
- Provide technical advice and support to project operations, such as design, procurement, human resources and administration, project management and execution, at Project level.
- Advise the Quality Assurance Manager of improvements / changes needed to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS) at project level.
- Monitor any Non-Conforming work by reviewing the replies of the Zone QA/QC Managers to the Project Violations.
- Ensuring that all measuring and testing equipment under the control of the Quality Department is in calibration and such records are available
- Undertake periodic audits of the site quality management system, including suppliers and subcontractors, and report findings to the Project QA/QC Manager and the Site Project Manager.