Job requirements

• Masters in economics, with 12+ years of experience.

• Experience in urban economics and macro-economics

• Capabilities to elaborate economic and sectoral growth scenarios (surveys design and analysis, scenario modelling. etc)

• Previous work experience with a multidisciplinary team

• Very Good English writing and communication skills (Arabic is a plus)

Soft Skills

• Able to work as part of an effective team

• Capable to work within multi-cultural and multi-national environments

• Flexible to travel for short business trips to interface with clients and stakeholders

• Able to work to deadlines and timely delivery of information under relative pressure.

Job description overview

• Understand the business and urban planning together with the assigned team

• Analyse studies and define information gaps

• Design required surveys that serves the required urban and sectoral analysis

• Conduct SWOT, PESTEL and Multi-criteria analysis

• Elaborate economic growth scenarios, job distribution by sector

• Contribute to urban development targets, policies and initiatives

• Contribute to Capital Investment Plans at Regional, City or municipal level

• Contribute with real estate and financial experts to project feasibility studies

• Exposure and contribution to public private partnership frameworks