Job Summary

Senior Engineer – Distribution SPE Telecom is accountable for the performance of the Sector across the firm. He will define and implement the firm’s Distribution strategy and business plan, develop and promote the business, oversee delivery, enforce policies and procedures, ensure quality and manage cost, capacity and utilization.

Key responsibilities of the role:

  • Develop the strategic and business plan for the Distribution Sector in line with all Power & Renewables Departments, and in coordination with Geographies.
  • Extensive experience in Distribution SPE Telecom Active/Passive components.
  • Develop the Distribution sector budget and monitor the Sector’s performance against the budget
  • Review all Distribution Sector investments in accordance with the sector’s budget
  • Lead and manage the Distribution sector team towards achieving the business plan targets
  • Lead and oversee the design activities for transmission projects, including the design of power generation facilities, renewable energy facilities, power transmission and distribution solutions, overhead and underground high voltage transmission lines, substations, transformers, etc.
  • Guide the development of the bid strategy for proposals led by distribution Sector.
  • Enforce corporate policies and procedures within the distribution Sector, including quality policies and procedures
  • Ensure the implementation of risk management policies and procedures, including risk identification and mitigation.

Experience Required to Execute this Role

  • B.E Telecom Specialist Data Center.
  • Extensive experience in Distribution SPE Telecom Active/ Passive components.
  • Handling the entire Distribution Substation.
  • 10 years of industry experience in Architecture, Engineering and Planning Industry experience.