Job Summary

The Sr. QA/QC Engineer is a member of the supervision team. He reviews contractors’ QA/QC plans at the onset of supervision projects and ensures the implementation of QA / QC procedures throughout supervision projects duration. He conducts periodic quality inspections on contractors and subcontractors and works closely with Project Managers and contractors on addressing identified quality issues.


  • Support Project Managers with managing client relations and expectations, as needed
  • Support Project Managers in responding to client clarifications on technical and contractual issues, as needed
  • Support Associate Project Managers with reviewing, assessing and responding to all claims raised by the contractor regarding scope, schedule and cost changes.
  • Ensure responsibilities are fulfilled with a high quality and in a cost effective manner
  • Implement the QA/QC policies on the construction site and
  • ensure adherence.


    • Communicate QA/QC procedures and documentation to the contractors on site and ensure all relevant individuals are aware of the procedures that affect their work
    • Review the contractor’s QA/QC Plan and agree on any revisions with the contractor prior to commencement of the works
    • Conduct periodic quality assurance / quality control inspections on the contractors and subcontractors on site and check compliance to the client’s and the organisation quality policies, procedures and standards
    • Identify quality non-conformance issues, summarise findings in periodic quality audit reports and recommend corrective action plans
    • Ensure that all QA/QC documents are filed in an organised manner.
    • Support the team during the hand-over and defects liability period, as needed
    • Implement corporate policies and procedures.


    • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Architect)

    Overall Experience

    • 10 + years of experience in a QA/QC function
    • 5+ years of experience in a QA/QC Architect function in a contracting company or a construction supervision function
    • Experience with QA / QC activities and inspections on contractors on supervision sites.