Job Duties

  • Perform the ICT/smart cities infra telecom networks design in accordance with the applicable codes and standards.
  • Perform the security system infra design in accordance with the applicable codes and standards.
  • Design the data centers with its complete requirements according to the client request and the applicable codes and standards.
  • Manage a team of junior engineers and cad operators to produce all the telecom/security infra design outputs.
  • Attend technical workshops/meetings with the client “as needed”.

Job Specifications

  • Bachelor's degree in communication engineering
  • 15+ years of experience
  • Well knowledge of designing infra telecom networks for new urban developments (FTTH technique)
  • Excellent command of designing security systems for new urban developments
  • Well knowledge of the ICT design techniques “smart cities solutions, telecom active components, FO cables selection...etc"
  • Well knowledge of designing data centers and central command centers
  • Good command of using CAD, CIVIL3D, REVIT, and other supporting computer design tools
  • Excellent command of English language writing & speaking
  • Accept to travel abroad for short term missions "if needed"