Job Duties

  • Knowledge of Construction Materials Standards, Specifications and Codes (ASTM, ACI, AWS, IBC)
  • Ability to review plans, specifications and project special provisions to verify compliance to material quality
  • Understanding of Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) for construction materials
  • Ability to attend client meetings related to pre-construction, pre-fabrication and other construction meetings as needed to monitor and ensure project meets quality requirements
  • Ability to review contractor quality control plans (QCPs) for structural steel, precast concrete and other structural and non-structural materials to ensure project meets established standards and specifications
  • Ability to work with, supervise and direct QA field personnel as part of the verification process to ensure quality standards are being met at the project site or in the fabrication facility
  • Understand and coordinate sampling and testing of construction materials in accordance with project standards and specifications
  • Ability to conduct audits, interviews and inspections of material suppliers and fabrication facilities for structural steel, precast concrete and other structural material producing entities
  • Understanding of the QA/QC non-conformance (NCR) process including the ability to track the NCRs and provide engineering recommendations for resolution of the NCRs
  • Ability to develop and maintain client relations

Job Requirements

  • BS Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Master’s degree or PHD is a plus
  • 12+ years minimum materials pertaining project experience
  • Strong verbal and written communication skill
  • Proficient in Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Portable Document Formats (PDF)
  • Understanding of CAD programs related to reviewing of engineering plans
  • Ability to travel overseas for short/long periods for supervision and client meeting tasks


Only Egyptians can apply for this post.