Job Summary

Hydrology Engineer applies scientific knowledge and mathematical principles to solve water-related problems such as quantity, quality and availability. He could work on finding new water sources, predicting droughts or floods and reducing waste water.


• studying relationships between soil and rock features, rainfall and water run-off using specialist computer modelling applications
• recording and analysing water resource systems data
• employing statistical and hydrological modelling techniques
• determining the most effective water management methods
• assessing the impact of environmental changes and land use changes
• predicting and monitoring rainfall, water yields and usage
• liaising with clients, consultants, water regulators, researchers, external bodies and other professionals
• managing on-site data collection
• forecasting floods
• producing water and drought management plans
• ensuring appropriate regulations are implemented
• keeping up to date with scientific and technical developments
• making presentations
• supervising the work of hydrometrists and other staff

Requirements :-

Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering

10 years of relevant experience

Good communication and presentation skills

Good interpersonal skills

Proficiency in spoken and written English and Arabic