Job Summary:

  • Preparation of specifications for Roads and Highways
  • Coordination with Geotechnical Experts, Material Testing Laboratories as needed – Travel as needed
  • Material Testing experience- Preparation of Life Cycle Cost – Replacement of Materials and on site usability – Discussions with Local Nearby quarries
  • Preparation of Reports
  • Conduct Site Visit

Job Qualifications:

  • BSc Civil engineering – MSc preferred
  • +15 years of experience (Laboratory and Material Testing)
  • Experience in both empirical and mechanistic design approaches.
  • Experience in assessment and evaluation of existing pavements and rehabilitation strategies and pavement management system.
  • Experience in mix design and materials testing.
  • Experience in all types of pavement (flexible, rigid, concrete block pavement, etc).
  • Good experience in joint design and detailing
  • Good knowledge in Software application (such as Paver, DARWin, CIRCLY 5, ALIZE, KENPAVE, Everstress, StreetPave, AirPave, RCCPave, etc).


  • Only Egyptians can apply.