• 1- Bachelor’s Degree in Structural Engineering or Civil Engineering with a focus on Structure Engineering;
  • 2- Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering (Preferred),
  • 3- Minimum of 15 to 18 years of relevant experience with 4 years in a managerial position,
  • 4- PMC and Project Management experience.


  • 1- Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • 2- Ability to prioritize and schedule tasks, respond well to changing priorities and demonstrate time management and organizational skills
  • 3- Leadership
  • 4- Time Management
  • 5- CAD and BIM Software

Roles and responsibilities

  • 1- Implement the strategic agenda of the Structural Design function to assure that developed design according to client’s vision and mission.
  • 2- Direct the Contractor and Consultants to ensure that all work is carried out efficiently, in line with the strategic project management plans, policies and procedures.
  • 3- Build and lead integrated design process by setting design values and objectives, managing Lead engineer or Contractor performance, and providing ongoing feedback to meet the functional challenges and goals.
  • 4- Assist in the monitoring and evaluation design development estimated cost related to Structural Design activities by identify unsatisfactory performance areas, and capitalized performance improvement opportunities.
  • 5- Developing client’s structural work plans including structural analysis and design methods to ensure the effective and efficient translation of executive vision for client.
  • 6- Evaluate and rate the service provider/ consultant capabilities to select the qualified and cost-efficient service providers/ consultants in line with client’s standards.
  • 7- Oversee and ensure detailed feedback is provided on consultant and service provider documentation at all stages of the project from initial design to implementation, in order to ensure all efforts are aligned and projects are compliant with the Client’s standards and overall objectives.
  • 8- Implement rigorous and effective value engineering and scope management techniques to achieve the forecasted budgets and required project hurdle rates without loss of quality and design intent.
  • 9- Monitoring the coordination structural design phases through coordinating design process with other disciplines in a timely and effective manner as per Client’s policies and procedures and project-specific approvals from management.
  • 10- Report on project status and design progress to design director, particularly concerning monitoring of cost.
  • 11- Monitor the progress and completion of the structural aspects of projects through their development lifecycle to ensure design integrity is maintained throughout the project.
  • 12- Ensure international standards and codes (i.e. buildings, health standards, safety, quality, etc.) are in place in all structural aspects of the projects.
  • 13- Coordinate with the relevant functions to ensure the structural aspect of all projects is planned and implemented as per environmental conservation and sustainability standards.