Job Summary:

•Plan hydrogeological investigations and site characterization programme.

•Design and supervise groundwater well drilling, construction, and testing activities.

•Carry out water resources management studies.

•Carry out groundwater flow and solute transport modelling.

•Perform water resources development and water supply studies.

•Engineering design of wellfields and related facilities.

•Design of surface and subsurface drainage systems.

•Carry out saltwater intrusion, fracture, aquifer contamination/remediation and surface/ groundwater interaction studies.

Job Qualifications:

•B.Sc. & M.SC in Civil Engineering, or related Engineering fields.

•Ph.D is a plus.

•Must have 8-12 years’ experience in water resources management, hydrogeological investigations, groundwater hydrology, groundwater modelling, surface hydrology, water resources development, and groundwater contamination.

Additional Requirements:

•Full time and ready to travel if necessary.

•Perception and full understanding of related software including GMS, GIS, and Remote Sensing. Scientific Visualization is a plus.

•Fluency in English is a must, additional languages is a plus.


Only Egyptians can apply for this post.